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Land Rollers

Land Rollers

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  • 7 m Foldable land roller
  • 3 m one piece Land roller
  • 8m Smooth land roller
  • 7 m foldable land roller
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The SEGUÉS LAND ROLLERS are implements designed to provide the required soil compactation as soon as to break the soil crust before the germination. In all models the tubes are hollow to the user can fill them with the best choice, and the wall is made of ST-52 steel, resistant to blows and deformations as it would be a 20 mm regular steel wall.

• Tubular frame made of extra strong structural steel.
• One piece cylinders made of High resistant ST-52 steel
• 12 mm cylinder wall, same as 20 mm of regular steel.
• Flat or toothed surface available
• Filling cap in every cylinder

• The side sections overlap the middle section to cover the surface's 100%
• Very simple folding and unfolding manoeuvres.
• Mechanical Jack
• Reinforced frame made of structural tubing
• Cylinders made of 12 mm high resistant steel ST-52 sheet, equivalent to 20 mm of regular steel sheet.
• Hydraulical folding movements
• Independent sections for the best all terrain adaptation
• Lights kit including:
• Sidelights
• Indicators
• Brake light
• 10.0/75 - 15,3" as standard tyres in CHH-5 a 7
• 11.5/80 - 15,3" as standard tyres in CHHL-8 and under request for smaller land rollers

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