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SPI spin disc spreader

SPI spin disc spreader

SPI 2500 without hopper supplement SPI 2500 without hopper supplement
  • SPI 2500 without hopper supplement
  • Fertilizer output adjustement
  • Hydraulic defflector
  • SPI with 2000 l supplement
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The SEGUES SPI are mounted, twin disc and mechanically driven fertilizer distributors, driven by the tractor’s PTO and hydraulically operated. The SPI offer a careful and exact fertilizer distribution up to 32 meters and offer hoppers to carry 1.500, 2.000 & 2.500 l, with the option of electronic VRA (variable rate application). It’s offered also the weighing option with electronic control.

• Double stainless steel spinner
• Hopper bottom made of Stainless steel
• Whole distribution system rust proof
• Exact and hand dose adjustment
• Driven by a transmission included as standard
• Adjustment tables for the most common fertilizers
• Mesh to avoid blockages
• Twin agitator, one in each outlet
• Two blade set
• Foldable stairs
• High performance prime and coating

• VRA Computer
• Weighing (not available after sales)
• Cover tarpaulin
• Road security kit
• Rear lights kit
• Trailer to convert the spreader in pull type machine
• Storing supports
• Side deflector
• Downloading pipe
• Single hydraulic connection

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