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POLIDOZER Grader blades

POLIDOZER Grader blades

Polidozer working on sandy path Polidozer working on sandy path
  • Polidozer working on sandy path
  • 525 mm POLIDOZER with side wings
  • Mechanical 450 mm
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As for the paths and farm entries maintenance jobs, as for not great earthworks, as for cleaning road in special situations (snow, landslides, etc…) the required implement is the SEGUÉS Polidozer in any of the available versions, bigger or smaller depending on the job to be done.

• Mechanically, hydraulically or mixed driven depending on the model.
• Blade height: from 450 to 545 mm depending on the model
• Easy detachable and replaceable blade
• Jack
• Attachment by bolts, chains or double effect cylinders
• Reinforced frame
• Third point hitch

• Depp control wheel ( except POL)
• Third hydraulic movement kit (only PDH/PDSH)
• Detachable side wings
• Hydraulic kit for mechanical models

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