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DR-DV Paraploughs

DR-DV Paraploughs

V shaped paraplough DV-3/5-2AV V shaped paraplough DV-3/5-2AV
  • V shaped paraplough DV-3/5-2AV
  • DR paraplough to couple a rotovator at rear
  • 4 Tines V shaped paraplough
  • 4 Tines V shaped paraplough on field
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The SEGUÉS DV/DR paraploughs are the implement for harvest wastes removal, to restore the continuous soil structure allowing a better water storage while saving the structure and without scrambling the upper soil layers with the subsoil layers.

• Reinforced frame and supports
• Height adjustable tines (DV)
• Tines position adjustable by supports (DV)
• Tines fixed by bolts left/right (DV)
• V shaped frame (DV)
• To be attached with any impplement at rear as a rotovator. (DR)
• Adjustable external tines fastening flat bars (DR)
• DR6 frame made by extensions screwed up on the DR4 frame (DR)
• Upper frame: 160x160 mm (DR)
• Lower frame: 80x160 mm (DR)
• Fixed tines fastening flat bars (DRV)
• 80x160mm Tubular frame (DRV)
• CAT2-3N Hitch
• Storing jack

• Bars roller
• Packer roller
• Lump breaker roller
• Deep control wheels

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