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The beach cleaner RUNNER EVOLUTION made by SEGUÉS and distributed by Unicorn, is the best solution for cleaning up the sand in medium and large beaches where a strong, efficient and fast machine is required. It’s fitted with a big and width sifting mesh and a feeding pick-up, hydraulically driven and actioned by the PTO, to move away the garbage from the sand leaving it cleaned, aerated and levelled

• Hardened steel mesh with 5-6 mm holes
• Three middle vibrator rollers
• Sealed bearings with protection against sand erosion
• Coated with High quality and salt proof paint and prime
• Debris hopper hydraulically driven to download up to 2,5 m height
• Road lights kits
• Hydraulic pump driven by the tractor’s PTO
• Distribution box with conveyor and feeder speed regulator
• Towing bar to be pulled using the tractor’s hydraulic

• The Beach-cleaners made by Segues don’t offer any extra as they’re manufactured considering all details and requirements

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